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Hi, Chubb’s here. about

I thought that I should tell you a bit about myself and my human, Ron.  Since this is my blog I suppose that I should start by telling you a little about myself.

I am a seventeen year-old Lab/Shepherd mix.  My father was a German Sheppard and my mother, Trinity, was a lab that looked exactly like me but taller.


I began life three doors down from the house that I live in now.  I moved in with Ron and his family as soon as I could be on my own.  Before that, Gabriel, my other human, Ron’s son, would come and carry me here during the day and then return me to my mother until I was finally able to remain through the nights a week or two later.

When I wore a younger dog’s fur I was quite the wanderer.  I would leave for overnight runs and a couple of times, I am now ashamed to admit, I was gone for three or more days, just running the countryside and finding places to get filthy.

Just as my family was resigning themselves to the likelihood that I was gone forever, I would come strutting back home, tired, wet, and happy.  I was the ultimate escape artist.

I’m Not Fat!!!about 2

At about sixty pounds. I am pretty powerful for my size.  I am rather short of stature for my mix of breeds, but what I lack in height I make up for in girth and appetite.  I am not skinny, but I am also not fat.  I am …portly!!!

I get along with everyone, once they get to know me.  In fact I am maybe too likable.  The cats all love me and will not leave me alone.

I have slowed a bit as I have aged, but my smile is still just as big, and though I do not jump around so much I still get excited to go for a walk or a drive.

I have three brothers, the two mutants, about 2Rusty and Scooter, and about 3Murphy the Malamute.  We have four cats that reside with us.  Penny, a calico short-hair is like a sister to me.  All four cats represent three generations of the same family, all girls.

The Human Touch

Our humans are Ron, who helps me write this blog along with writing a gardening blog, Ron’s Nutritious Gardening and Carving Place and Ron Buedefeldt Writing blog, as well and his wife Rhonda.  His oldest son lives with us and has three children, David, Sarah, and Franklin.  Ron’s youngest son Gabriel, my guy, also lives with us and Christian, the middle son lives nearby.

Ron began this blog as A Walk in the Woods in 2010 as a writing practice and a way to blow off steam and to chronicle his musings during our long walks through the woods.  As he began putting more energy into his other projects he decided to hand this project off to me, to take in whatever direction seemed important to me.

Here is part of Ron’s origianal about page that I thought I should include:

“I am a man whose journey in life has become it’s own reward.  The lessons learned each day propel me on into the next with hope and peace and the knowledge that no matter which path I find myself upon today it will lead me invariably to my ultimate destination.  God guides my journey.”

This is what we’ve ended up with.  I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


Keep those tales wagging.


  1. Jim & Pattie Burnett

    Jim and I read your blog and it is nice to know you keep an opened mind. You have your Ideas that you beleive in but you are not blinded by only one mans Idea. I like this. I too want to keep learning and keep living.

  2. Thanks for commenting. If you have any suggestions I welcome them. What would you like to see me write about?

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