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What Are We Doing to Our Planet?

I have long been a critic of the man-made global warming theory, but I am beginning to think that opposing the premise is not really conducive to my overall values and the future that I work toward..

I still do not think that our activities have much to do with the rising of the temperatures; instead I think that it is likely caused by natural fluctuations that have been cycling far longer than we have been here to take note of the phenomenon.

I do not totally reject the idea that we may have some impact on the climate but as yet I have not seen the evidence to support that premise.

Sometimes the amount of money invested has a lot to do with the results.  Following the science often turns into follow the money.

Science should not be either a democratic process or a profit oriented endeavor, but an untainted search for the truth.  It is not an attempt to prove or disprove, but a mission of discovery.

My concerns rest more in the manner in which we poison our environment and do irreparable genetic damage by using the world and its population of humans, animals, and plants as a laboratory, thinking that we have a better idea; that we can take what God has wrought and improve upon it.

This may be a result of our allowing the corporations to pretty much monitor themselves.

What has changed about the fox guarding the hen-house, that it can become our standard for sponsoring research?

Now it is hard to find a river that runs pure, a grain that is genetically unmodified, or an honest man in a position of power.

I’m Back (Again)

During a busy year and a half, I am afraid that i have neglected this blog and my writing in general, but that is a mistake that I am ready to remedy.  I plan to re-dedicate myself to making this into an informative and entertaining spot to find helpful information and interesting exploration into environmentally responsible and healthy lifestyle, and methods for weaning ourselves from some of the self-induced stress that fills our lives.

As I prepared to begin writing for this blog once again I was at first a little worried to see that there is a movie coming out starring Robert Redford, called “A Walk In The Woods.”  I had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction of, “Hey, I had it first.”

Then I realized, this could be the greatest thing to happen to my blog.  I could be seeing all sorts of accidental visitors.  Maybe some of them will check out my blog, and I could see some new readers as a result.

I think that I will have to see the movie.  I will let you know how it is.

Can You Save Our Planet?

trees save our planet

To save our planet is a tall order.  In fact, individually it would seem a pretty silly idea.  It is a big world and you have a relatively small impact upon it.

There are a lot of people out there that would have you completely change your lifestyle in the effort to stem the tide of habitat destruction.  They say that you should not drive your car, that you should drive a car that is too small to serve your needs.  They would have you ride public transportation that is inadequate and rife with dangers such as theft and bodily harm.  They would move you into little cubicles, sleeping above and below others who have different schedules and different priorities.

There are those on the opposite end of the spectrum that tell you  that what you do doesn’t matter and that you are free to do as you please, fulfill all of your wants as well as your needs and the hell with the impact on the habitat and the people and species around you.  They would tell you these things in order to fulfill their own lavish desires with no thought to the effect on those around you.

Somewhere in the middle of all this exists a way in which you can have what you need while avoiding the destruction and degradation of the natural world that feeds and clothes and nurtures us.  It boils down to a matter of choice.

Individual choice is a universal trait that exists in all of us.  Education, or lack of it, is the driving force behind the impact of our choices.

The blurring of the line between needs and wants is resulting in the rapid degradation of our own habitat, and the habitats that are needed by many of the species that are critical to our long term health and survival in this perfect system that was put here for us.

Whether you believe in God, in whatever form, or the idea of accidental creation does not matter in this discussion.  If we are proper caretakers of that which sustains us then it will replenish in a never-ending bounty that supplies us with all that we need to live in safety and comfort until the natural forces dictate otherwise.

If we continue to ignore the warning signs we risk losing our place in this paradise in an accelerated manner.

If you want to make an impact on this trend of habitat degradation you will do it through education.  Often in our modern mindset, indoctrination has replaced education.  Nowhere is this more evident than in our schools, whose curriculums have been hijacked by ideologies and opinions rather than facts.  Too often our children are fed a strict diet of the views of the prevailing political ideologies.  Facts are too often sorted and presented or hidden to promote a selfish agenda, and this is such a disservice to young, developing minds.

Our news services have become outlets for various political groups with a mindset to promote their own self-serving agendas, ignoring truth in order to turn minds in a predetermined direction.  This has nothing to do with promoting education and without being educated on a subject you have no choice.  Do you really want someone who sells themselves to the highest bidder/campaign contributor to make your decisions for you?

Educate yourself.  Seek out truth.  Seek out facts, filtered through your own intellect and common sense.  Too often we accept that which, in our hearts, we know to be skewed but we feel unqualified to judge for ourselves.  We are only unqualified when we do not follow our conscience, when we don’t seek the unfettered truth, when we allow ourselves to excuse and justify.

If we allow ourselves to be steered one way or another, we have given up that innate ability to choose.  Allowing ourselves to be blown this way or that by the prevailing hot air winds of blowhard extremists in any direction will prevent real solutions for the real problems that we confront.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan said “You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.”  I like that.

The more you know the better equipped you are to make your own choices rather than being the mouthpiece for regurgitated sound bytes.

Don’t accept someone’s opinion.  Check them against the facts.  Explore them from all sides without a preconceived notion if possible.  Be willing to change your mind as those facts dictate.  Don’t hide your head in the ideological sand.  Seek out the truth on your own terms, not someone else’s.

You will learn what you can do to save our planet.

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