Hi, Chubbs here,

Ron and I are thinking of putting my brothers and I on an all raw diet. We have been doing some research and it is looking as though I may be able to reverse, or at least slow the onset, some of the conditions such as joint deterioration and kidney issues by eating a more ancestral diet.

Raw Diet Mimics Ancestral Foods

Dogs (and cats) developed on a diet consisting mostly of foods that they hunted or scavenged. For dogs, about eighty to ninety percent of their nourishment came from flesh and fats. The rest was a mixture of grasses and nuts and berries and fruits. The only processing of the food was done in the digestive systems of the animals.

This left most of the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria available and plentiful.

Modern, processed foods contain grains that are hard for  my brethren and I to digest. The nutrients and enzymes are mostly cooked and processed out of the kibble, and the additives that are meant to replace the lost benefits are hard for our bodies to process.

Kibble In, Kibble Out

Most of it ends up as that smelly stuff that you humans like to collect in bags, though for the life of me I can’t figure that one out.

I just figure, whatever gets your tail wagging.

Which is another thing that I can’t figure out. Without tails, how do other people know when you are happy?

Anyway, we are going to be trying an all raw diet for a while and see if that can get me running and jumping again. It’s no fun getting old. I’m just hoping that this will make it a little more fun again.

More to come

Check back soon and I will explain my new diet in greater detail and let you know how I am feeling.

Until next time, remember, there is no better companion than a dog. No one ever returns sad or mad from a walk with their dog.

Hug your dog today.