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I have a special post coming in the next couple of days and wanted to give you a heads up to watch for it.  We have some new things going on here at the Walk for the new year so don’t miss it.

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Added Shop

New for today on the shopping page is EntirelyPets, another online source for your pet supplies and non-prescription pet medications.  EntirelyPets is a veterinary run all-purpose pet supply house and the leader in the industry.

EntirelyPets offer:

  • Guaranteed low prices on the brands that they carry
  • Fast and free shipping on orders over $85
  • Accommodating customer service ready to serve you 7 days a week
  • An online Pet Blog & Resource Center filled with pet related articles
  • Discount deals, special promotions, featured top sellers, and more!

I hope that this addition makes it easier for all of you dog lovers out there ( and the cat people too) to find everything that you need to keep your best friends healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

Still to Come

Don’t forget to watch for that next post in the next couple of days.  It will especially be interesting to you who have older pets or perhaps some of the larger breeds but the information will be useful to everyone.

Okay, I can give you a hint.  Anyone interested in joint health?  (and I am not referring to any recent legalization’s)

Until next time,

Keep those tails Wagging!