Hi, Chubbs here.

I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone and a belated Merry Christmas as well. I have been busy through this holiday season and realized that I had not yet taken the time to realize that the year was nearly finished.

Another year gone (another 7 in dog years, whatever that is supposed to tell you) and a new year about to begin.

What does the new year have in store? None of us know, but we all have our plans, our hopes, and our dreams for this coming year.

Dog parents have a great opportunity to resolve to better understand their best friend’s needs.

New Year Suggestions:

  • Take more walks
  • Spend time leaning on your dog (I’ll explain later, it’s like hugging to your best friend)
  • Spend time on hygiene
    1. brush teeth
    2. trim toenails
    3. bathe
    4. comb
  • Learn about canine nutritional needs
  • Learn more about your breed’s specific traits and requirements
  • cuddle more


I have some big plans myself, some improvements and expansions with our blog and some personal changes that will positively impact my health and my enjoyment of life. I will be sharing these with you. Some of them could be life-altering.
Coming soon is a free report for subscribers and we have a newsletter in the works that will include valuable information and offers, contests and surveys, all shared with my canine wit and wisdom (And humility).
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For now I will wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year and;

Keep those tails wagging!