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Just a reminder that, while just getting out and walking is an improvement over inactivity and gives you a multitude of benefits, physical, mental, and spiritual, the physical benefits of walking can be greatly magnified by just picking up the pace.  I have seen countless TV doctors (Dr.Oz, etc.) give the advice to walk for ten minutes each day as though you were late for an appointment.

Exercise works your muscles, converting fat cells to muscle in direct relation to the amount of work that you put in, but when you exercise you are also improving your cardio-vascular health as well, increasing the amount of oxygen available to fuel your body.  In order to increase your body’s access to the fuel that it needs you must bring elevate your heart rate for an extended period of five minutes or longer.  The longer you elevate your heart rate the more the benefit.

This does not mean that you should go out and run a marathon tomorrow.  Any exercise or training program needs to be taken in steps as you acclimate your body and mind to the added rigors of increased work out.

The next time that you are out for a stroll, pick up the pace a bit.  Ten Minutes, it’s a great start.  Your heart will thank you.

Till next time, keep walking.


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  1. Rhonda

    Excellent advice. I’m inspired. What are your thoughts on walking on a treadmill with no shoes on? ;>)

  2. Laurie N. Buedefeldt

    Thanks to you, I have been doing better with the walking and in last week and a half, I actually have lost 6-7 lbs. And I am also eating and drinking better. And thank you for the Advice.

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